The Marketability Factor in Choosing an Ideal Product

Marketability: will they buy?

We have already mentioned that your chosen topic should not only be of interest to you, but also have a wide distribution. This is the marketability factor. You will need to be able to make your product interesting and attractive to customers. Therefore, you will need a topic that a wide audience can relate to.

How can you tell if your topic will attract enough customers to make your autoresponder campaign a success? The following test will help you determine the marketability of your product.
Answer the following questions as carefully as possible to see if your topic is appealing to the mass market.

1. How often do you hear your topic mentioned in the news? If the media considers your topic important enough to report regularly, this is probably something that quite a few people are interested in. TV, magazines, and Newspapers search for ratings, and they get them by attracting a large audience with the information they present. The wider the audience they think they can reach with a topic, the more often they will try to reach it.

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2. how many products are available on the market related to your topic? Finding out that you have a lot of competitors isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This simply means that there is a large enough consumer base to support products relevant to the topic, and this will include your product.

3. what is the approximate age range of people who would find your topic interesting? The best topics have broad demographic appeal. If your topic can interest anyone, from teenagers to seniors, you have a great chance to create and sell a successful product.

4. How quickly would you act on a large scale for a product related to your topic? What about your friends? Would you jump at a deal if it was about your chosen topic? What about the people you interact with—your easily accessible target market? The sooner you can attract people to sell during the purchase process, the more likely it is that your autoresponder campaign will be profitable.

5. what are the benefits of getting more information about your theme that customers will get by purchasing your product? People want to know that they get what they pay for. Your theme should be able to provide customers with some tangible knowledge or skills that they wouldn’t otherwise have if they hadn’t purchased your product. Being able to list the benefits of your product will also help with your marketing, which will be discussed later in this book.

Test For The Factor Of Marketability: Fast Version

– Are you ready? Answer Yes or no:

1. how Often does your topic appear in the news?

2. Do you have any existing competitors?

3. is your theme Suitable for multiple age groups?

4. would you or your friends buy a profitable product related to your theme?

5. Does your theme have any useful advantages?

If you answered “Yes” to at least four of them, congratulations! Your theme is in demand! Act confidently, you are on the right track.