Italki:-1 Great Teaching Website for Languages

Italki:-One of the Great Teaching Websites for Languages

About Italki

On this website, you can teach any language in which you are comfortable and earn money. For example, if you are comfortable in Hindi, you can teach millions of Hindi learners and earn money from it. In the same manner, if you are comfortable in English, you can teach millions of English learners and earn money from it.

Italki is an online language learning platform that uses video chat to link language learners and teachers. Students can use the service to find online tutors for one-on-one tutoring, and teachers can make money as freelance tutors. Italki’s headquarters are in Hong Kong.

Online language courses offered by a professional teacher who provides structured study programs or a community tutor are also options. It can also be used by students as a forum for mutual language exchange.



Italki was started in 2007 by Kevin Chen and Yongyue Jiang as an online language exchange community. The site’s first focus was on developing free community features. The site’s teacher marketplace was founded in 2009, allowing teachers to earn money by delivering online tutoring services. Italki teachers determine their own prices and schedules.

Italki received angel funding from private investors in 2012.

Hujiang, a Baidu-backed Chinese education startup with over 100 million users, invested $3 million in italki in 2016.

As of July 2017, italki had over 3 million members from over 100 countries, as well as 5000 teachers. English is the most commonly learned language, followed by Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese. Students and teachers can choose from more than 100 languages on the website. Its user interface is available in 19 different languages.

Their Vision

Their Vision is to facilitate people’s acquisition of foreign language skills by fostering interactions with individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

How it Works

It is essentially a portal where you can book language lessons with an instructor directly. On italki, you’ll find a plethora of independent teachers providing classes. They have their own schedules and prices, as well as unique qualifications and experience, and they come from all over the world.

The genuine website with which you can earn money by completing surveys, offers, and rewards.


Professional Teachers and Community Tutors are the two categories of teachers offered.

Professional Teachers hold at least one of the following qualifications, as confirmed by Italki staff:

Teaching experience in a school, university, or language institution

a university education degree

Certificate in Education

Community Tutors are either native speakers or have a high level of proficiency in the language they are teaching.

Professional teachers are typically more expensive and have greater teaching experience, though this is not always the case. They are more likely to have extra materials or to tailor lectures to the student.

If you’re looking for casual conversation practice, community tutors are a better option.

I’ve taken lessons with community tutors who I thought were far more knowledgeable than some professional teachers. Remember that these are simply designations and that each instructor or tutor is unique.


Before even considering the teachers, I’d recommend taking a few seconds to consider your perfect class.

When you get stuck, do you want the teacher to explain things to you in your native language?

Do you wish to concentrate on specific grammar points?

Would you rather practice informal conversation?

Do you have any specific materials you’d like to go over?

What else do you like or hate about your classes?

There are no correct or incorrect responses to these questions. Everyone has distinct preferences, and everyone’s ideal class is slightly different.

When you know what you want in a class, you may start looking for the ideal teacher for yourself.

However, due to a large number of professors available, selecting one can be difficult. Fortunately, italki has a few features that will help you figure this out.

Each teacher’s hometown can be seen. This is useful if you like to practice a certain dialect of the language. For example, if you’re planning a vacation to Peru, it might be more practical to learn the Peruvian dialect of Spanish.

You can also check how many lessons they’ve taught, their ratings, availability schedule, other languages they speak, and both a video and written introduction.

If you click on a teacher’s name, you will be directed to their teacher profile, which has additional information.