Choosing Product or Service to Promote

 To make money with autoresponders, you need an ideal product. Most of the time, you sell information: an e-book, a printed book, an e-course, an e-magazine or newsletter, a CD, or a downloadable audio program. Your topic should be something that appeals to a broad audience-you may have the world’s best book about growing Amazon boa constrictors at home, but the only people who are interested in it will be people who already own an Amazon boa constrictor or have considered buying one. In this case, your sales base will be limited (to put it mildly). On the other hand, if your book or product tells people how to make five hundred dollars a minute—well, you may have quite a few potential buyers.

In addition, your topic should be an area in which you have a personal interest or experience. If you can put your passion into your marketing material, people will be able to tell that you believe in what you are selling. This creates trust and sales.

In this Chapter, we’ll talk about how to choose a topic that covers both of these areas: widespread appeal and your personal interest or experience to support it.

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Your personal interests and areas of expertise

People who like their work are happier. Their enthusiasm spills out to work, and they often find themselves getting a promotion or promotion and attracting customers without even trying.

If you are comfortable talking about your product and you are passionate about the topic, your confidence will permeate every area of your answering machine program. You will receive unsolicited comments from customers who are happy with your service. You can build consumer confidence because people will know that you support your product 100 percent.

One aspect of developing your personal interest in a topic is actually using the information you offer yourself. This way, when you discuss the benefits of buying your product, you can get a personal experience.

Another important part of choosing a topic is defining your area of expertise. This doesn’t mean you have to be an “expert”.” It just means that it will be much easier for you to sell a product that you know a lot about, and much easier for buyers to part with their hard-earned money when they know they are buying from a well-informed source. Do you think you don’t have a specialty? You may know more than you think you know. The topics you’re familiar with don’t have to come from work or College courses.