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How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr, the world’s largest marketplace for digital services provides a digitally streamlined, transaction-oriented platform for both buyers and sellers. A “Gig” is a unique term for a service provided by a seller on Fiverr. Sellers can set their starting price point when creating Gigs. Sellers can take this a step further by using Gig Packages to offer Gig Packages to buyers. These have a variety of price points, and sellers can provide buyers with a variety of customized service packages. Buyers can then pick and choose everything available based on their specific needs.

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Getting Started

Although signing up with Fiverr is free, only registered users can buy and sell on the platform. When you sign up, your account will be set up as a buyer account. Follow these steps to become a seller. Almost anyone can find something to sell on Fiverr that is within their skill set. Browse their various categories to see where your skills fit and how you want to sell. The best sellers make it easier to communicate and manage buyers’ anticipations effectively.

You must first create a “seller” account before you can make and sell Gigs on Fiverr.

Please keep in mind that all sellers are reviewed during the sign-up and gig creation processes and are subject to Fiverr approval.

More information can be found in their Terms of Service.

In general, their best sellers include:

Make certain that their seller profile is completely filled out.

Make sure their Gigs are well-written and detail the services they offer.

Make certain that the work samples chosen accurately represent their abilities.

Tip for vendors: Increase your income by providing extra services to your customers during the order process. Understand their buyer’s needs, demonstrate how your skills can assist them in achieving their objectives, and use effective communication throughout to maintain consistent alignment.


If you meet or hopefully exceed your buyers’ expectations, you will receive a good rating from them, which will result in more buyer business in the future.


Fiverr is paid in advance by buyers. Sellers receive 80% of the total order value when an order is delivered successfully and completed. For example, if a service costs $10, the seller will receive $8 for completing an order. See their Terms of Service for more information.

Important Terms


A Fiverr.com registered user who can buy Gigs.


Once you’ve registered as a buyer, you can offer a service (Gig) by clicking Start Selling.

Buyer Requests

Buyers can post specific project requests directly to the vendor community when they have specific project requests. You may offer your services if you have Gigs in the same category as these requests.

As a seller, you can use this tool to reach out to more buyers and grow your business. When used effectively, this option can lead to more sales and revenue because you can tailor your offer to the buyer’s needs.


The Bring Your Own Business (BYOB) program is a Fiverr initiative that provides a free way to manage your client projects. BYOB increases business for their top sellers while also exposing new customers to other services.

Special Offers

After discussing a proposal with a buyer, you can send them tailored proposals based on their requirements. This is one of the most effective methods for increasing buyer satisfaction as well as your own business.
See Sending Offers for more information.


This section displays the statistical tasks associated with your Fiverr activity and includes a task list to remind you of the actions you need to take (e.g., deliver an order, respond to a message, etc.).


This is the money you make when you complete orders.
Viewing Your Earnings has more information.

Anywhere Fiverr

This feature allows you to promote your Fiverr business on your blog, Facebook, and through messages, among other places. You can begin by customizing an offer before generating the code (to be placed on your blog, Facebook, etc.).
See Using ‘Fiverr Anywhere’ to Send Custom Offers for more information.

Fiverr Pro Approved The Fiverr team hand-picks pro sellers as best-in-class talents. Fiverr Pro sellers benefit from increased search exposure for professional services buyers, faster payment clearance occasions, higher price limits, an excellent Client Success Manager, and more.

Fiverr Profit Card

This is a MasterCard-powered debit card that allows you to load it with your Fiverr earnings and then use it like a regular credit card.
See Establishing Your Fiverr Income Card for more information.


Any service you offer on Fiverr’s website that any buyer can buy with the click of a button. For example, a Gig could be “I will design a logo for $50.”

Extras for the gig

This is the option to provide additional services within the scope of the same Gig. For example, if you provide a caricature (head and shoulders) drawing for $25, the Gig Extras might offer a full-body caricature for an additional $15, or two people in the caricature for an extra $20, and so on.
See Creating a Gig for more information.

Metadata for gig

This is a feature that involves selecting details about your Gig using keywords. This will increase the visibility of your Gig when buyers search for services related to your Gig on Fiverr. For example, metadata in voiceover. Gigs can be the voiceover language, accent, or file type supplied to the buyer. The information you can include on your Gig will vary depending on the services you provide.


Account statuses are awarded to sellers based on performance and reputation. Advanced levels offer their owners advantages such as offering higher-priced services through Gig Extras or selling their Gig in multiples.
See Achieving Levels for more information.

Milestones This feature comes in handy when continuing to work on larger, more complex projects. Milestones ensure that you are paid for the tasks you completed during the project, while also allowing buyers to establish trust in your services and work in steps to ensure gratification. When sending personalized offers, milestones can be used.
See Working with Milestones for more information.


Buyers can order multiple quantities of the same Gig using this option. For example, if you offer $10 for a basic logo design, a buyer who requires two different logos can order this Gig twice (for a total of $20).

Mutual Termination

A Mutual Cancellation is a request to cancel an order that can be initiated during the order process by both buyers and sellers. To be cancelled, the order must be accepted by both parties. If the receiving party does not respond to the request within two days, mutual cancellations will instantly cancel the order. Both buyers and sellers will see a cancellation request update on the progress bar, indicating how many days remain before the order is cancelled, and will have the option to decline or withdraw the cancellation request, reverting the order to its previous order status. Mutual cancellations are not possible after an order has been completed.

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When a buyer purchases a Gig, an order page between the buyer and the seller is created.

Out of the Office

Out of Office Mode is a tool that allows you to pause your account when you want to take a holiday, if you’re overbooked, or if you simply need some time off. It notifies buyers that you’re away and when you’ll return.

Packages are a Gig option that allows you to offer 3 distinct scope levels at three different price points for a single service.
See What are packages? for more information.

Make an offer in response to a Buyer’s Request.

When a Buyer submits a project through the Buyer Requests area, you can scan the Requests and send offers to the appropriate buyers. It’s a fantastic way for buyers to get propositions from various sellers and for you to get work.

Center for Dispute Resolution

The Resolution Center is a tool designed to help you resolve order-related issues. Before contacting Customer Support, we recommend using the Means to work things out with the other party.
See Using the Means for more information.

Rate of Response

This statistic represents an average of how quickly users respond to a buyer’s first message. It tracks responses received within the first 24 hours.
See the Response Duration & Rate FAQ for more information.


This is an optional feature that sellers can enable on their Gigs that allows the buyer to make comments and provide feedback on the Gig you are presently operating on (until they are 100 percent satisfied).
See Revisions for more information.

Rising Stars

These are hand-picked Gigs that appear on the webpage or a specific category page, with the “Rising Talent” badge visible on the Gig thumbnail. It is not possible to apply or request to be a “Rising Talent.” The Fiverr team recommends Rising Talent Gigs.


Fiverr Studios is a feature that allows sellers with diverse skill sets to offer buyers a variety of services under a single Gig called a Studio Gig.
See What Is a Fiverr Studio? for more information.

Tags Tags are common words that you add to your Gigs to help categorize the Gig for search purposes.
See Creating a Gig for more information.

Sellers with the highest ratings

These are Fiverr sellers who have earned the highest level badge. They are hand-picked by Fiverr moderators based on a list of criteria that includes seniority, sales volume, extremely high ratings, exceptional customer service, and community leadership. Top Rated Sellers have access to more features, including exclusive beta access and VIP support.
See Achieving Levels for more information.

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